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Kristin Dautel

Kristin Dautel

Office Assistant

I am a proud Army brat and because of that I went to 9 schools before graduating in 2001. In 2004 I moved with my family to Germany, where I met and married my German-American husband, Jared. We had four kids in Germany, then moved back to Utah in 2012. We had 2 more kids here. While in Germany I learned that beautiful language and loved the culture, people, and food.

Now our kids are getting older, my husband and I look forward to traveling together a bit more. I would love to visit all the places in each of Rick Riordan's books. Except the underworld and Tartarus.  I am still waiting for my Hogwart's letter.

Working in the office at Ascent's Saratoga Springs office is a dream job for me. I love interacting with all the students and parents. Having the same schedule as my kids is also a fantastic bonus.